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As easy
as Kerby.


Use our stupendously handy guide to sort your waste as best you can.


If you've misplaced the guide, well... sort your waste as best you can.


We believe in you.


Try make sure your waste is as dry as possible.


Stick in a bag. Preferably a Kerby bag. If not, preferably not a black bag. But, hey, if it is, so be it. No judgies.


Take it out to the kerb like the magnificent hero you are.


As long as it's by 8am.

Kerby Recycling.png


Recyclable dry, clean waste.

In this bin goes all your mixed recyclable, dry waste.

Like plastic, glass, paper and aluminium products.

Try avoid any contaminated recyclables and please wrap any broken glass.

Kerby Organic.png


Compostable if it grows, in it goes.

Like coffee grounds, vegetables, fruit, bread and eggshells.

Avoid bones, fish, dairy products, meats, oils and fats. And always use sunscreen. Plus eat your vegetables. And call mom and tell her you love her.

Kerby General Waste.png

Not Kerby

General not sure? Throw here.

This includes any wet or food contaminated waste, and things like tissues, which cannot be recycled. Oh, and nappies. Nappies = gross.

  • Glass
    Jars Bottles Drinking Glasses
  • Plastic
    Milk bottles Dairy tubs (cream & yoghurt & ice cream & cottage cheese & you get the idea… but not the “convenient” 6-pack single serve yoghurts) Dishwashing, detergent, shampoo & solvent bottles Peanut butter jar LIDS only Soft drink, soda & water bottles Polystyrene protection (white stuff your TV comes in that makes your teeth itchy) Shopping bags Bread bags Milk sachets Frozen veg bags Meat trays (fresh & deli meats – clear, black or white)
  • Paper / Cardboard
    Newspaper Magazines Cereal boxes Shoe boxes Corrugated boxes (the stuff your deliveries come in) General office paper Toilet roll inners Pizza boxes Long-life milk cartons
  • Metal
    Dog food tins Tuna tins Cooldrink Cans DSTV Satellite dishes Old clothes horses / ironing boards Foil Baking Trays
  • Glass
    Window panes Windscreens Aquarium escape attempts
  • Paper / Cardboard
    Cardboard boxes with plastic windows Wax paper Baking paper Muffin cups
  • Plastic
    6-pack single-serve yoghurts Oil bottles (olive/canola/sunflower etc.) Peanut butter jars (but chuck the lids in) Disposable razors Sauce squeezy bottles Toothbrushes Fruit & Veg punnets (all colours including clear) Take-away cutlery & straws Take-away packaging (clam shells, boxes etc.) Coffee pods Cling wrap Washing powder bags Coffee bags (fresh, ground, beans etc.) Re-usable shopping bags Sweet wrappers & chip packets Vacuum bags Toothpaste tubes Tomato / vinegar sachets (those small take-away ones)
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