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Meet Kerby

We're determined to leave every place and every space better than we found it. And that includes one another.

Except outer space.
Because that's really, really far.

Kerby is built on the belief that recycling should be easy.
Like fall on your face easy. And for everyone.

Kerby makes it unbelievably simple for you to divert your recyclable waste from landfill, helping you to help save
the world for those who come next. And the more people who join us, the more employment opportunities we
create. So everyone wins. It’s like the opposite of the Lotto.

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We're in this together.
Everyone matters.

Nothing and no-one is wasted.

Kerby was inspired by a love of nature and an acute awareness of the social inequalities in South Africa. Kerby
founder, Greg Player, saw the need for an easy, inclusive and empowering neighbourhood recycling service that
could help improve the environment and create much-needed employment.

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